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In order to guarantee the highest possible gaming quality, we are only using certified original slots from renowned developers in our app.


Quality Games

We put great emphasis on transparency, fairness, and honesty. This is why we’re especially proud to only use certified and tested slots from the world-renowned company NOVOMATIC. This guarantees the highest gaming quality and safety for our players.

At this point we’d like to explain some of the most frequently used abbreviations and terms to you, as well as answer some example questions:


What is an “RNG”?

RNG is short for “random number generator”. This generator – basically a self-contained special mathematical software – is responsible for the symbols and numbers on the reels in every single slot appearing truly at random. In reputable companies and games, the function of the RNG is also reviewed and certified by independent testing laboratories.


Is everything truly in order?

Yes, absolutely. When one is using only certified slots from reputable providers, then there can be no doubt that the slot games used are in order.


Are random number generators only in use in slot games?

No. Random number generators are also in use in numerous other games. Even modern and famous collectible card games are using RNGs, for example, to shuffle the cards. RNGs in other games are mostly not as intricate and regulated as the random number generators in slot games.


What is the “RTP”?

RTP is short for “Return to Player” is the theoretical payout percentage of a slot. The higher the RTP, the better the theoretical payout percentage!

The RTP of our slots generally ranges from 94% to 95% – a very high percentage when compared internationally. Please take note: Even if the percentage is very high, this doesn’t mean that you’ll only win in the game. It can happen that the slot isn’t paying out anything at all for a long time. The RTP value is only applicable to a long span of time but is by no means indicative of the slot paying out 95% of the bet over a short span of time.


All the facts summarized


  • All of our slots stem from the world-renowned and famous company NOVOMATIC, and are subject to frequent reviews and the strictest regulations.

  • All our slots are being tested and certified by the independent company Technical Systems Testing Global.

  • Our slots generally have a fixed payout percentage, the RTP (Return to Player), of 94% or more.

  • A random number generator, also known as RNG, sees to true randomness and guaranteed fairness with highest mathematical precision. The RNG is both reviewed and certified.

  • If you have any additional questions about how slots work, then please contact our support team via
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Novomatic Slots

In order to guarantee the highest possible gaming quality, we are only using certified original slots from renowned developers in our app.


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