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Look closely!

Because although these mega deals are so huge, they disguise themselves with well-decorated masks. So, grab as many of them as possible and see what deal is hidden behind them. 👀 You have a whole day to do it on 14.05 in the Slotpark Shop.

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Now: bag a ton of extra Slotpark Dollar!

A look behind the scenes shows you can feel like a star in the Behind the Scenes Spins Sale. Here are the details: • Get 300% extra Slotpark Dollar on every purchase. It’s just fun-tastic! • Only on 13.05. It's showtime – let's go!

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The Top 100 Teams of the Week – 12.05.2023

Competition Dates: 05.05 - 11.05 The Top 10 Teams with the highest number of Team Missions Spins are rewarded with a well-deserved bonus! Congratulations to all participating teams! It's easy to take part! 1. Spin as much as possible in Team Missions 2. Check the rankings every Friday 3. Be the …

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Mask on, let's go!

Every spin star knows there is only one way to get to the top: it’s up! Raise your stakes and increase your chance to win rewards in our Masked Stakes Challenge from 12.05 to 14.05. The more you stake, the bigger your reward the next day! Don’t forget to subscribe to the Personal Offers in your …

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Everyone wants to be like you!

Show everyone where it's at with the Slotpark Celebrity Sale and enjoy this exceptional deal: • Up to 500% extra Slotpark Dollar on all purchases. • Only on 11.05. It’s anything but ordinary!

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They love it so much that they want to share it with you in the Judge’s Bonus Sale. Here it is: • Get up to 400% extra Slotpark Dollar on top of your shop purchase. • Only on 09.05. That sounds like a great deal, right? Because it is!

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