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17 horas hace

For real pen-pushers!

Did you spin around in your chair ten times today and still nothing exciting happened? Then it’s time for a good mood kick. We have something that’s guaranteed to make your workday more exciting: Get 300% more Slotpark Dollar on 22.04!

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3 días hace

Slotpark City never sleeps!

This deal keeps the winning metropolis in perfect shape. Visit the shop on 20.04 and bag up to 200% extra Slotpark Dollar!

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4 días hace

The best ones live on the top floor!

In the urban jungle, one thing is needed above all: assertiveness. And we believe you and a team have what it takes to climb to the top. How to do it? Easy: complete as many missions as you can and try to be at the top of your team league’s daily ranking as often as […]

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5 días hace

Take the elevator!

Did you know that the Shanghai Tower elevator takes you to the 121st floor at around 70 km/h? The Skyscraper Sale in Slotpark also takes you to new heights: enjoy up to 600% extra on 18.04 and grab your favorite pack.

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6 días hace

The Top 100 Teams of the Week – 16.04.21

Competition time: 09.04 – 15.04 👏 The Top 10 Teams with the highest number of Spins in Team Missions are rewarded with a well-deserved bonus! 👏 🎯 Team Missions are available for everyone from Level 10! 🎯 Rank Team Name Weekly Team Mission Spins 1 ❤️💙TRABZONSPOR❤️💙 1 374 823 2 🏆  𝟏 𝟎 𝟕 𝟏  […]

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7 días hace

When two quarrel, the third one gets the prize!

The Slotbattle between Phoenix Fortune and Great Fortune was epic – but the fight is finally over! Celebrate the end of this tough battle and grab 400% extra on all packs in the shop on 16.04. The next Slotbattle is right around the corner!

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abril 14, 2021

The invention of the century?

Huge Slotpark Dollar packs. Enjoy the results of this genius experiment in the shop with up to 500% extra on 14.04. Marvel at them, touch them and grab them.

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abril 12, 2021

Here for a short time only!

He comes from a distant land, and he has a special present in his luggage! Head to the Slotpark Shop now to meet the mysterious traveler and get a gigantic pack in the Traveler Sale with 300% extra contents than usual.

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abril 10, 2021

The city is waiting for you!

Participate in the 7 Days in Slotpark City Challenge and show us how great you think Slotpark City is and that it is worth spending a lot of time there. Grab your Daily Bonus from 10.04 until 16.04 and get ready to enjoy a cool reward on 17.04! No worries – nothing happens if you […]

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