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The Top 100 Teams of the Week – 14.04.2023

Competition Dates: 07.04 - 13.04 The Top 10 Teams with the highest number of Team Missions Spins are rewarded with a well-deserved bonus! Congratulations to all participating teams! It's easy to take part! 1. Spin as much as possible in Team Missions 2. Check the rankings every Friday 3. Be the …

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What is the advantage of mirrored worlds?

There’s always a side where the grass is greener and the bonus is bigger! And that’s exactly the side you’ve landed on! 500% extra awaits you there on 14.04. Here we gooo!

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This sale is only the beginning!

First, there's the Chain Reaction Bonus Sale. It gets you up to 700% extra Slotpark Dollar, which will help you bag big winnings in your spinning session. You use them to spin further, rewarding you with even more winnings and the cycle keeps going ... This doesn't have to remain a made-up …

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You’ll get a double reward!

If you successfully mobilise your team by 12.04, you'll get an extraordinary Avatar and a bonus out of this world. Here’s how you can do it: 👉 Get your team into the top 6 of any Team League. 👉 Subscribe to the Personal Offers in your settings to participate. Oh, and by the way: all Team League …

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Get more matter in the shop on 10.04! According to quantum bonus theory, mega shop packs cause positive interactions in the slots. Is it all just a hypothesis? Go shopping to start your series of experiments and find out!

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Soon you’ll see BONUSES everywhere!

Our current shop offer is out of this world and at least as exciting as the psychological thrillers by M. Night Shyamalan. Grab yourself 600% extra on your Slotpark purchase on 08.04, so you can also say: "I see BONUSES. They're everywhere!"

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