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Apr 25, 2024

Go shopping & see for yourself!

When your Slotpark Dollar balance soars to dizzying heights as if it were effortlessly floating – you must be at the Acrobatic Bonus Sale. Say yes to our 400% extra offer on 25.04 and transform your Slotpark Dollar purchase into an acrobatic bonus experience. Head to the shop now!

Apr 24, 2024

The stunt is set for success!

You and your team are skilful players, so pulling off this feat will be a breeze: Complete a Team Mission on 24.04 and grab an extra 20% bonus for your spectacular slot stunt!

Apr 23, 2024

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen!

At the Slotpark Circus, along with acrobatics, magic and clowning around, there's a unique attraction not to be missed: the art of deal-taming. Witness the Ringmaster Sale on 23.04 as the circus director makes Slotpark Dollar leap through hoops of fire and snag a whopping 700% extra in the shop!

Apr 21, 2024

Find the way out!

Chains, handcuffs, locks – we've secured this deal just for you. Now it's your turn: unlock 600% extra Slotpark Dollar with every purchase on 21.04. You don't need to be Houdini to sweep up these rewards!

Apr 20, 2024

Show us what you’ve got!

Not many can rake in wins like you do. It seems you have a real knack for winning. From 20.04 to 22.04, you'll have the chance to prove your talents once again: The more Slotpark Dollar you earn across our games during this period, the bigger your reward. Plus, you'll get the Circus Skilled Badge.

Apr 19, 2024


Our packs are gearing up for their next big moment: grab up to 400% extra in the shop on 19.04. We don't need words to tell you it's a fantastic deal!

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