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Nov 23, 2023

He has a plan …

… and he's making you a bonus offer you can't refuse. We're talking about the mastermind behind the grand scheme against Mighty Santa: Hurry to the shop on 23.11 and boost your Slotpark Dollar reserves by up to 600% extra. This way, you'll be well prepared for the Xmas rescue mission!

Nov 21, 2023

Seize the opportunity!

As a true insider, you surely already know about it: There are 300% extra Slotpark Dollar up for grabs in the shop on 21.11. Grab them as fast as you can and benefit from The Insider's Bonus Sale before anyone else!

Nov 20, 2023

Time to head north!

Who would have thought that the snow-covered North of Scandinavia would become the setting for a legendary chase? To stop Mighty Santa and his gang, it takes someone like you. Show your full dedication and go all out in the Reel Chase Slot Tour: • Chicago: 20 win lines, Free Games and a Bottle …

Nov 19, 2023

But be quick!

The getaway driver is already waiting impatiently for you, so don’t waste any time: On 19.11, The Driver’s Bonus Sale offers a whopping 400% extra Slotpark Dollar in the shop. Get your hands on them, make a dash towards freedom and treat your account to some serious loot!

Nov 18, 2023

Gain access to this special offer!

As one door closes, another one opens – and it’s no different on Slotpark! After each sale, there’s a new one waiting. This time, The Wildcard’s Bonus Sale offers a whopping 800% extra on every shop purchase. Don’t miss out on this fantastic deal for even more exciting spins – only on 18.11!

Nov 17, 2023

Together, we’re unstoppable!

If you aim to pull off a heist … erm … take a spin, it’s better with the power of a team. Show your mettle and tackle as many Team Missions as possible from 17.11 to 18.11. The more missions you complete, the bigger the bonus! Remember: to be a part of the team action, you must enable personal …

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